About Us

SAHRI – South Asian Health Research Institute

An Online collaborative to Promote Research on the South Asian Population. South Asians are any persons with origins in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives Island, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In general, there is evidence to show that the South Asians have a poor understanding of disease prevention. There is suggestive evidence of heavy chronic disease burden like coronary artery disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cancer.

Disparities in access to care, service utilization, quality, and health outcomes are increasingly being documented. There is also data suggesting a lack of awareness about preventable dental disease, as well as the stigma and impact of mental illness and other physical, behavioral, and cognitive disabilities. Research to explore these aspects of the health of the South Asian community is very limited. Reports of sparsely conducted research by various researchers have led to the development of SAHRI (South Asian Health Research Institute). SAHRI will establish a centralized location for the discussion and sharing of the current research on South Asian health. Primary research will be the long range goal. Data will be collected using survey instruments and other methods that are established in the public health field. Primary research will also evolve to look for special markers or genetic patterns in inherent diseases. Secondary research will be conducted using data that is available in the public domain, partnering with other institutions and researchers. This centralized location will also allow researchers to share their current research and invite feedback and collaborations.

The goal of SAHRI is to provide an infrastructure (starting with information) for everyone to use — to achieve this, we have to make information freely available. We hope that when someone uses the information and data from our database, they will let us know of their intention for use by updating the database of “ongoing research.” We plan to work with all health professionals and organizations that already exist or will start. All the organizations, whether they are professional, cultural, religious, or educational…., if the goals are in the same direction, we will work with them. By no means do we want to replicate work done by others. We want to provide a platform that will allow other organizations to work together and avoid duplicity to understand and reduce health disparities in the South Asian community.