ACT1 Diabetes
Categories: Diabetes

OUR MISSION: We are a group of Type 1 diabetics who see a lack of service geared towards adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Through support group meetings, partnerships, volunteerism and advocacy we strive to attend to the most vulnerable populations within our community with the understanding that all diabetics are equally deserving of quality care. OUR VISION: An organization led by people with Type 1 diabetes for people with Type 1 diabetes with the motivation of helping themselves and others like them. There are no ulterior motives and we answer only to ourselves, our organizational constituents, diabetics. We identify and aim to fill areas of need for diabetics based on a personal understanding of what diabetics truly need and what barriers exist for addressing those needs. These needs are often not recognized by organizations without the perspective of diabetics, such as social support, mental health care, and financial and legal services. We recognize that currently the ability to achieve optimal diabetes control often lies in the hands of systems existing outside of ourselves; the law, the health care industry, the pharmaceutical industry. We recognize that there is discrimination institutionalized into all of these systems and we aim to provide a safe place where all people living and coping with diabetes are viewed as deserving of the highest quality care, regardless of gender, socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, or physical ability.